Fun Experiences Today…

Big Skills for Tomorrow

Give your child cool, hands-on experiences in STEM today, so you can inspire a leader of tomorrow. Find out why Sylvan is #1 for STEM in North America.

Perfect if you’re looking for fun activities that inspire skills for the future.​

What You’ll Get With STEM at Sylvan

  • A ton of fun!-From coding video games to building robots, our hands-on STEM activities are a blast. (Best of all, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning.)
  • Teamwork with new buddies-Your child and a buddy will work together to plan, build and problem solve. It’s a cool way to encourage creativity and build collaboration skills.
  • Valuable skills for school and careers-Sylvan’s one-of-a-kind curriculum will help your child develop high-value skills (like problem solving and critical thinking) and STEM vocabulary.
  • Super cool technology for extra fun-No one else uses technology in its STEM programs like Sylvan. It keeps learning fun and expands your child’s tech skills.
  • Ongoing ways to learn-You’ll enjoy helpful tools to encourage STEM conversations and learning at home. A great way to get concepts to stick!
  • Activities that grow with your child-Your child will find new and exciting challenges to grow into from grades 1-8. There’s always another cool class to take.


Plus, our after-school classes, weekend workshops and camps are very affordable, so they’re easy on your budget. (Yes!)

How STEM at Sylvan Works

​It’s easy! Our STEM programs work just like other after-school activities, workshops and camps:

    • Simply check out your local center’s website for upcoming class schedules and pricing.
    • Sign up for the class that inspires you.

And if you have any questions, give your center a quick call. They’re happy to help.

​Give Your Child an Edge in STEM Today!

Sylvan EDGE programs are available in many of our centers, and new classes are starting soon. Hold your spot today!