What You’ll Get With Personalized Tutoring

  • Guaranteed results! Learn all about the Sylvan Guarantee
  • Higher scores and confidence through our intensive personal tutoring program.
  • A deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs with our one-of-a-kind Sylvan Insight™ Assessment.
  • A personal and adaptive learning plan created just for your child to get the best results.
  • A big impact in class with our school-aligned curriculum.
  • Expert, Sylvan-certified teachers who know how to inspire kids, like yours!
  • A proven and engaging approach to skill mastery and results with our Sylvan Method™.
  • Convenient scheduling and affordable hourly rates with flexible payment options.

Math Tutoring

Math Help to Grow Skills and Confidence

There’s something about the daily adventure known as math that can make even the most easy-going parents feel tested. (Or testy, as the case may be.) If your child is continually struggling and can use math help, take heart: every child learns in his or her own way, meaning personal attention can make all the difference in mastering math. Kids who come to Sylvan of Dubai – Al Barsha for math tutoring typically see up to two times more growth in their math scores than other students.

When it comes to math tutoring, personal learning is what we do best. Our math tutors use your child’s personal learning plan and engaging technology (such as iPads®, interactive exercises and a fun rewards system) to motivate and inspire your child. Our math tutors get to the root of your child’s math help needs, so your child can soar with new-found skills and confidence. It’s no wonder kids love coming to Sylvan.

What to expect from our math tutoring

Sylvan of math tutors will:

  • Personalize math tutoring to your child’s needs through Sylvan Insight™, our proven learning approach.
  • Engage your child in math learning using the iPad as a teaching tool for a more fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Adapt math lessons to your child’s skill level and pace — so learning is challenging, not frustrating.
  • Motivate your child with instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned.
  • Align our math tutoring curriculum with career readiness standards, so the skills your child is learning at Sylvan have an impact in the classroom.

Reading Tutoring

Personal Attention to Help Your Child Thrive

Sure, you want your children to love reading. It’s why you read their favorite stories to them (over and over and over again) when they were very young. But not every child is a natural born reader … and even kids who are great readers can use reading help from time to time. Because no two children are exactly alike, we personalize reading tutoring to each child, giving kids the personal attention — and confidence — they need to thrive.

When you choose Sylvan Learning of Dubai – Al Barsha, reading tutoring starts with Sylvan Insight™, our proven approach to learning. We take the time to get to know your child and create a personal plan for his or her success. Then, we blend interactive technology (such as iPads® and a fun rewards system) with our amazing reading tutors to truly connect with and inspire your child.

Soon, reading becomes the fun adventure it should be. Things begin to click at school. Your child glows with confidence. Our personal approach to reading makes all the difference!

What to expect from our reading tutors

Sylvan of reading tutors will:

  • Make our reading tutoring approach personal for your child using Sylvan Insight, our innovative teaching system
  • Use the iPad as an interactive teaching tool, so reading is fun and engaging for your child.
  • Adjust reading lessons to the pace and style that works best for your child. We want your child to feel challenged, but not overwhelmed.
  • Share instant feedback and recognition to motivate your child for every skill learned, whether your child is mastering reading aloud or reading comprehension.
  • Ensure our reading tutoring program aligns with state and Common Core standards, so the skills your child is learning at Sylvan make an impact at school.

Writing Tutoring

Inspiring Greater Success With Writing Help

If your kids have entered a battle of wills with you over school writing assignments or college admission essays, you’re in good company. Many kids can’t stand writing. Thankfully, our writing tutors can help. When you choose Sylvan of Dubai – Al Barsha for writing tutoring, we’ll inspire greater confidence and success from your young writer (and restore your sanity along the way).

Our writing tutors are experts at connecting with kids and motivating them to become better writers. They’ll identify your child’s exact writing needs and craft a personal plan, just for your child.

Whether your child needs help writing complete sentences, developing thesis statements or crafting a great college application essay, our writing tutors will help your child build the essential writing skills for a lifetime of success. And along the way, they’ll use a variety of techniques — including a fun rewards system — to make tutoring fun and engaging.

What to expect from our writing tutors

Sylvan of writing tutors will:

  • Develop a custom learning plan tailored to your child’s writing needs.
  • Share useful writing tips and guide your child through writing exercises that occur in his or her everyday life.
  • Inspire your child with instant feedback, personal recognition and a fun rewards system, so your child is motivated to become a better writer.
  • Measure your child’s progress, ensuring your child is mastering each writing skill and can actually apply it.
  • Align our writing tutoring with the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of English, so there’s a connection between the writing skills your child learns at Sylvan and what’s required in the classroom.
  • Collaborate with your child’s teacher at school to track progress.

Study Skills

Good Study Skills Are the Secret to the “A”

As your child progresses in school, homework assignments get tougher and workloads get bigger. (Have you noticed your child’s “to do” list is starting to rival your own?) Thankfully, you don’t have to teach your child good study skills all by yourself. Through the study skills program at Sylvan of Dubai – Al Barsha, we can help your son or daughter take on these challenges with confidence and ease.

The study skills program at our center in Dubai – Al Barsha is designed to help kids in grades 4-12 build great habits that can last a lifetime. Even if your child is a really good student, we’ve found that establishing great study habits early is the secret to making a big impact in school, from higher grades to greater confidence.

Of course, there’s much more to study skills than just taking notes! Using a variety of study tips and strategies, the tutors at Sylvan of Dubai – Al Barsha will teach your child how to get more organized, strategically plan projects and achieve goals — all skills that align well with Common Core.

Study skills your child will learn

Every child has unique study needs, whether your family is focused on getting those As or turning frustration into confidence. Some kids can benefit from school time management tips. Others need study tips to effectively take tests. And yet others need help managing advanced coursework as they prepare for college.

With our study skills program in Dubai – Al Barsha, your child gets the individual help he or she needs at the personal pace that works best. Depending on needs and study goals, our program covers the following skill sets:

  • Study strategies to become an independent and effective student.
  • School time management tips and organizational habits to better manage time and responsibilities.
  • Active reading strategies, including reading comprehension strategies, to read better in every class.
  • Active listening strategies and presentation skills to communicate clearly.
  • Effective note taking strategies and how to use study tools, such as flash cards and color coding, to study efficiently and improve test scores.
  • Test taking strategies to take tests and quizzes with confidence, tackle different types of tests and manage testing anxiety.
  • How to research effectively, such as learning how to research a topic, evaluate sources and write a bibliography.
  • How to write effectively, such as mastering all the steps of the writing process.
  • How to be safe online, such as learning how to locate, evaluate and share digital information responsibly and other tips on how to be safe on the internet.
  • How to navigate college admissions requirements, including a college admission essay.
  • Job interview preparation, including job interview tips and how to write an effective resume and cover letter.