Personalized Writing Tutoring

How to Make Your Child a Better Writer (and Take the Battle Out of Homework Time)

Has your child entered a battle of wills with you over writing assignments? If so, then you’re not alone. Many kids struggle with writing and need personalized tutoring in this area. Research shows that only one in five kids is a proficient writer1, and writing is the only subject in school in which most teachers say their students are “fair” or “poor.”2

Rest easy! Our writing tutors are here to improve your child’s writing skillsbuild confidence and help remove the stress from big writing assignments. Your child will be better prepared for schoolwork, standardized tests, college application essays and even holding a job.

With our writing tutoring, your son or daughter will:

  • Become a more confident, proficient and engaging writer
    We’ll use our 35+ years of experience to make sure your child learns the mechanics of writing and the process of composing, organizing, revising and editing all types of writing assignments. These are skills that will make your child a better student, as well as a better writer.
  • Feel more confident with big assignments
    Our writing tutors break down the writing process into smaller, manageable steps, so your child develops the skills and confidence to take on the toughest assignments.
  • Hone the right skills for school 
    Our writing program is aligned to current college and career readiness standards, so there’s a direct connection between the writing skills your child learns at Sylvan and what’s required in class.
  • Have fun with writing (yes, fun!)
    From creative writing to college essays and beyond, our writing tutors use activities that encourage creativity and align with your child’s everyday life, so writing is much more fun.

See results far beyond English class

Don’t wait another day to get the best writing help for your son or daughter! Our writing tutoring is available at Sylvan centers near you, and our hourly rates are very competitive with local tutors.